My extraordinary movie tape

Hey everyone πŸ€—, I came up with a new cartoon story for you all. Hope you like it.

Read on...

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Serena, who wanted to be a princess. One night, she dreamed about someone cursing her to make animal 🐈 sounds instead of her voice and was only going to get her own voice back if she saved a chick πŸ₯ This made her suddenly wake up from the dream, with a cold sweat. She was scared and struggled to go back to sleep again. Serena was really frightened.

One day, when she was old enough to have a job, somebody came up to her and asked her to be a Princess in a castle. She said, "Yes" after a little pause and with a huge surprise. She couldn't believe that she had just been asked to be the Princess.

But a magical Angel πŸ‘ΌπŸ½ from the world Bloop appeared and said to the little girl to not say "Yes", because the girl who asked her to become the Princess did not have good intentions. And Martin the chick, was going to say the same thing to the little girl. But Martin followed the Angel and Serena everywhere they went. Serena was scared.

Each time she saw Martin behind her, she got reminded of the terrible dream she had when she was little.

Martin is actually a robot chick. You can see that I drew his mechanical body parts in the picture above and you can see that his original name is v fartin πŸ˜†

He was like Serena and he was also not being kind to others when he was little. The magical Angel had come and made him become the nice chick he is now.

Now you might have guessed what is going to happen to Serena. Yes, the super kind magical Angel is there to make Serena also kind, and nice and save her from getting into trouble from the bad girl who tried to trick Serena.

I think we all need that little magical Angel in our lives to remind us to always be kind to others.