Birthday doodle for my teacher

Today we celebrated my awesome teacher's birthday at school and I decided to doodle something for her. I think she really enjoyed this.

Here's the front of the card -

...and the back side.

I made her a crossword puzzle at the back.

Do you think she is going to solve and find all the words?

Like I said, it was such a thrilling day for me to celebrate my teacher's birthday at school.

All my friends sang her birthday songs that we have been practising since Monday. Then we all had really tasty panda cupcakes🧁. They were so yummy and lipsmacking!

Guess what? Everyone's tongues turned black except mine and my close friend's because we did not eat the black frosting.

My mom visited my class and decorated the classroom door reflecting Black History Month celebrations. My mom is really good at decorating things. She has a very good taste for colors and designs.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. See you all again soon with another one 👋🏼